What Vixen Believes

Sex Work is Work
Vixen believes that sex work is a job, just like any other job.  If our human rights are to be upheld, sex work needs to be treated as a form of employment, not as a crime, not as a health or social problem.  We believe that moral judgements and false stereotypes obstruct our labour rights and we will work towards reform that reduces the discrimination that sex workers in Victoria currently face. 

Sex Workers are the best representatives of Sex Workers
For far too long sex workers have been silenced.  Vixen believes that sex workers are the best representative of themselves.  We do not need others speaking on our behalf.  We do not need others presuming to know what is best for us. Vixen believes that sex workers must be consulted in a real and meaningful way regarding any decision that impacts on on our community. 

All Sex Workers have a place in our community
Sex work is amazingly diverse and sex workers come from all different backgrounds, practice different ways of working, have different strengths and skills.  Vixen is not interested in replicating the marignalisation that the mainstream community imposes on us, we do not believe that there is such a thing as "good sex workers" and "bad sex workers".  We are all workers, whether we have worked on the street or in brothels or for ourselves; and we all bring something different but equally valuable to our community.