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1st of March 2013

Sex Workers Take To The Airwaves

The Vixen Collective, a peer-based organisation of sex workers in Victoria has always strived to assert the experience of sex workers to inform public opinion.  Whether it is writing submissions to government, lecturing at universities or putting together public projects like the Festival of Sex Work, the group has endeavoured to engage in dialogue with the broader community.  And now their latest initiative sees them publicly broadcasted on a weekly basis.

"Sex workers are busting out of the closet to set the record straight." says Christian Vega. The long time sex worker and advocate of the rights of others in his profession has commenced hosting a regular radio program.  It is the only one in the world that is entirely produced and presented by sex workers. 

"The Vixen Hour is a unique opportunity for the community to hear directly from the voices sex workers."

"We aim to have a frank, open discussion about our work and the issues that affect us is an effort to build greater understanding of sex workers as part of the community." Going to air weekly from Australia's only LGBTIQ radio station, JOY 94.9, The Vixen Hour  is Australia's only community radio program focussed on sex work and is broadcast on Monday nights at 11pm.

 "Often, the general public's perception of sex workers is shaped by academics, the media and the arts but this is not necessarily the most accurate reflection of us. By tuning into the Vixen Hour, listeners will be able to connect directly to the voices of actual sex workers," Mr Vega said.

"Although sex work is legal in the state of Victoria, sex workers still face immense discrimination and legislation that is not supportive of our human rights. Sex Workers are often isolated and alone and there are scant community resources that provide good information for and about sex workers.  We strive to go some way to addressing those issues with the Vixen Hour."

The radio show discusses issues from a sex worker perspective and will feature different guest hosts every week.  "It's important to reflect the diversity of sex work," said Mr. Vega. "Often people have a very narrow idea of who we are and what we do.  But sex workers come from all different backgrounds, from a whole range of ages, races, genders and sexualities." 

"Sex Workers are not voiceless victims. When forming an opinion about us, the broader community should listen to us.  And now, we've created another opportunity for them to do so."

Tune into 94.9FM on your radio or stream it live over the internet via Monday nights at 11pm.

The show is podcast, all previous episodes are available for download:

You can follow the Vixen hour on Twitter @VixenHour or on Facebook  

To find out more about the Vixen Collective visit

For further comment contact Christian Vega on 0403 941 185

The Vixen Hour will have a special program on Monday the 4th of March in the lead up to International Women's Day by focussing on the issue of sex work and motherhood.  As well as featuring co-hosts who are both sex workers and mothers, the program will also ask, "What is it like to grow up with a mum who is a sex worker?" Tune in from 11pm.